Global git based DNS

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Anycast IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity to provide you with the performance and reliability you need.


Enable your teams to manage DNS as conveniently and securely as all your code. Remove any SPOF and long delay, while keeping a full audit log and reviewability.


GitNS is using the widely used Bind file format to store your DNS records. Move to a new provider without losing your data or control.

Our Nameservers

Separate TLDs and Anycast addresses to keep you online
Nameserver IP version IP IPv4 IPv6 2600:1802:7::1 IPv4 IPv6 2600:1800:5::1 IPv4 IPv6 2600:1801:6::1
( IPv4
( IPv6 2600:1800:5::1
( IPv4
( IPv6 2600:1802:7::1

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